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Touched by Death
New Adult Paranormal Romance
Coming this fall
Content Warning: contains profanity, some sex, and some child abuse.

What if Death was more tempting than you had ever imagined?

With Grams’ recent passing and a boyfriend who cares more about his next drink than her, Lou Adaire only wants to run. To start over somewhere new — maybe in a town where her family has history.

But when a storm sends Lou’s truck plunging into Tuttle Creek Lake, she discovers exactly what it’s like to fight for your life. To gasp for air only to have your lungs fill with icy water. To die.

What comes next changes everything.

Dark eyes. Consuming presence.

Death. As vague as a dream yet as intense as the lightning flashing above her still heart.
Everything about him calls out to her, tugging at her with the warm vibration of his pull. He’s supposed to take her; they both know it. She wants him to.

When she wakes in the hospital in a new town, she can’t forget what she saw… That impossible sensation of him breathing life back into her, a strong beat playing in her chest and a flutter running down her spine.

Trying to move on with her life in a foreign place is hard enough, but when he comes back for more — his burning touch against her skin, his consuming presence weaving in and out of her life, and his own scars running far deeper than hers — Lou begins to realize there’s more to Death, and to the sleepy Kansas town, than she ever expected to find.

Lou lived. But what if she’s not the only one in need of saving?


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Billie Eilish – Lovely (with Khalid)
Ciara – Paint it, Black
Ruelle – Deep End
Karliene – Become the Beast
Son Lux – Easy
Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse
Two Feet – Her Life
Sabrina Claudio – Orion’s Belt
Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus
Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under
Sabrina Claudio – Belong to You
Konoba – On Our Knees
Noah Cyrus – Again
Aurora – Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)
Portugal.The Man – Evil Friends
Melanie Martinez – Cry Baby
Erutan – Come Little Children

listen here

Sia – Angel by the Wings
X Ambassadors – Unsteady
Taylor Swift – Safe & Sound (feat. The Civil Wars)
Jaymes Young – I’ll Be Good
Zella Day – Compass
X Ambassadors – Gorgeous
Ed Sheeran – Shape of You
The Eden Project – Crazy in Love (feat. Leah Kelly)
Fleurie – Breathe
Fleurie – Still Your Girl
Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love
Sia – To Be Human